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  1. Payment – upon accepting the quote and service agreement 50% is due up front to start the project, and 50% is due upon completion.
  2. Note that some costs renew annually. These are for domain name registration, and hosting.
  3. You acknowledge that websites may require maintenance due to security and other software updates. Usually websites will run for years without issue, but sometimes automated updates temporarily ‘break’ the website. You will be provided with administration access, and documentation on maintaining your website, or we can perform tune-ups for you in accordance with our current fee schedule. Our website maintenance notice is available in your hosting documentation here.
  4. You may choose a premium website design (which are fully customizable, and used as a starting point for our projects) at this link here. We also have another link for design options as this one will eventually be taken down and integrated into our website relaunch. We will work with you on design options, with comps, colors, layout choices, and graphics.

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